7 Secrets to Get Low Cost Student Tickets Flight on Your Next Trip

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Every student wants to travel to another place, whether for study or job purposes. They want to travel with cheap flights so they can fulfill their dream without spending too much money.

So here are seven secrets to getting a low-cost student tickets flight on your next trip.

Extend Your Search Area

The mistake that people make while booking a tickets flight is to look at the nearest airport. You should extend your search area because sometimes you will get amazingly cheap deals at other airports near you. For example, if you are looking for flights from New York to London, find out if there are any sales on flights departing from Boston or JFK airport.

Be Flexible with Dates and Flight Route

Being flexible with the dates will give you a lot of options. If you are not picky about your departure or arrival date, then there is a high chance that you will get cheap airfare. Check out whether it is cheaper to fly direct or have one or two stops before. Sometimes, there can be a big difference in the cost of each option.

Sign up for Airline Price Alerts

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If you are flexible with dates, then it is likely that this will help you save money because prices tend to fluctuate more often if your departure date is not fixed. When an airline has opened low-cost flights for sale, you can’t miss these deals. To get alerted of the availability of cheap flights, join some email lists or sign up for alerts with online travel agencies like kayak.com. 

Plan Your Trip Around Sales

If you are flexible with dates and budget then plan your trip around sales. Big sales happen twice a year in January and June. During these times you can get your hands on cheap tickets flight because airlines want to generate more sales when business is low.

Avoid Travelling during Peak Times

The peak period means many people are traveling, which leads to an increase in airfare prices due to high demand. Airlines often offer extra discounts during this time to attract passengers. So, avoid traveling during peak times to save money on flights.

Check out Low-cost Airlines

It is another secret to getting cheap flights. These days, many low-cost airlines fly from major airports. Some of these airlines include WOW air Iceland and Wow air, Eurowings in Germany, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and many more. These are perfect for cheap travel!

Use Student Discounts

It is common knowledge that airlines offer student discounts on flights. You can easily find out which airlines give discounts for students by checking online because many of them have a dedicated page to this information. As long as you have an ID card that proves that you are a student, then you can get discounted flights.

Book Online

Finally, always book your ticket online. Online travel agencies offer cheap flights, hotels, and package deals. You can save a lot of money if you book your ticket online. Book your tickets flight three months in advance to get the best deals.

So, the next time you are planning for a trip, make sure to follow these secrets to get a low-cost student tickets flight on your next trip! They will surely help you save money and make your trip a memorable one.

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