Best Accommodation For Your Holiday Trip To India - Best Accommodation For Your Holiday Trip To India -

Best Accommodation For Your Holiday Trip To India

holiday trip in india

If you are thinking about a great holiday trip to a beautiful country with a warm and humid climate, a holiday trip to India is an ideal destination. It is one of the youngest major countries in the world and has an extremely diverse geography. A holiday trip to India will take you through great cities, historical monuments, sacred temples, gardens, palaces, wildlife, caves, hills, deserts, lakes, and rivers. And many people take a trip to India each year.

India is also a republic and is ruled from Delhi by a President and a Prime Minister. India is a home to Buddhists, Christians, Jains, and Muslims. India is now a modern country and has developed into a trading post for much of the world’s goods. It plays a vital role in global trade by importing and exporting goods like textiles, automobiles, manufactured goods, petroleum, and petroleum products. Tourism is one of the major sectors of the Indian economy.

Fastest-Growing Tourism Destinations

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Today the country is one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. A holiday trip to India can be one of the best ways to learn and experience the diverse culture of this amazing country. You can visit India from any part of the world: Europe, North America, South America, East Asia, and Africa. One of the main things that you need to consider before deciding where to go is your level of accommodation and travel expertise.

There are three types of accommodations available for tourists in India: hotels, guest houses and camping sites. Hotels in India are the most common form of accommodation for a number of reasons. They are often conveniently located near important attractions and are easily accessible by road, rail, or air. They provide a wide range of amenities, including business facilities, fine dining, business meeting rooms, recreational areas, health care services, etc., at attractive tariff rates.

Guest Houses Are More Popular

On the other hand, guest houses are more popular for their cheaper stay and cheaper food. However, they may not have all the facilities and have a smaller room capacity. If you plan a trip to places such as Goa and Karnataka, it would be better to opt for camping sites instead of hotels since they will provide you with more privacy and flexibility. The facilities offered by guest houses may not even last for a week or two. It may even be unsafe and insecure due to the poor living standards and security issues prevalent in India.

The best accommodation for your holiday trip to India is undoubtedly the house guest house. There are several good and reputed houses. Guest houses in India are relatively cheaper compared to hotels. These houses cater to the needs and requirements of tourists who are on a low budget. Moreover, you do not have to go through the trouble of booking a room in a hotel; your entire stay will be done in the house. You can enjoy the privacy, comfort and freedom provided by the guests house.


Hotels provide you with the basic facilities required for a holiday trip including electricity, air conditioning system, hotel room and recreation facilities. It also has the option to cook your food and if you prefer to eat out, you can do so.

However, most of these hotels are expensive and lack the necessary facilities for a comfortable holiday. The state of the hotels in India during peak seasons can be depressing and the quality of the food served may not meet the international standards.


It would be a good idea to conduct a thorough research on websites of holiday trip operators who offer affordable holiday houses in different parts of India. A variety of holiday trip operators have websites offering accommodation at different rates. Most of them give special discounts and offers on bookings done months before the trip. They often use virtual rooms to make the guests feel like they are actually staying in a house.

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