Best Beaches In India To Visit In 2021 - Best Beaches In India To Visit In 2021 -

Best Beaches In India To Visit In 2021

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Traveling is an important part of our entire year schedule. All people want a little break from their daily chores and have some enjoyment, relax and explore different places. But in our daily life, we get little or no time to go on vacation. Traveling acts as a medium to relax, calm down, stress-free, enjoy my time and quality time with family, and you come back with different energy and mindset and show it helps to be more productive at your work stations. Human psychology needs some change, and when people return from vacation, they are way more productive, happy and delightful than before. Beach vacations are one of the popular spots for traveling. Beaches have their beauty, have clear oceans with little waves, beautiful natural scenery, and sand to play games.

Some Of Best Beaches In India To Visit With Your Family 

Lakshadweep Islands – Most Pristine Beaches

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 Lakshadweep is known for having many Islands. It has few beautiful and exotic beaches in India. Some known beaches are minions, bangarasam The period between September to May is considered best to visit.

Varkala, Kerala – Beach with Classy Cafes 

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It is popular for its fisheries, springs, and for Kerala’s saint Sree Narayana Guru’s Samadhi. 

Varkala is a known coastal town that has pristine beaches, hills, lakes, forts, and lighthouses, which altogether makes a place a little paradise located on the Cenozoic sedimentary cliffs in Kerala. You can visit this 

Varkala beach at any time of the year.

Digha, West Bengal – A Blissful Beach Town

Beach town situated on the Bay of Bengal, Digha is a popular destination famous for its beaches and scenic views. Marine station of zoological is situated there. The best time to visit these beaches is between March and July month.

List Of Best Beaches In India

  • Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai
  • Chakratirth Beach, Gujarat
  • Marine Parade, Odisha
  • Kovalam Beach, Kovalam
  • Ullal, Mangalore
  • The Marina, Chennai
  • Cherai Beach, Kochi, Kerala
  • Kovalam Beach, Kovalam


In the entire article, you have gone through the different features of different parts of India. The best time and prime features of every beach are mentioned above, so choose your spot according to your preference. Beach visiting gives a lot of new self-discovery and joy, delight, hope, and new energy because of the magic of the beach it holds. There are many famous beaches in the world, but some beaches in India can’t beat any beaches in the world due to their diversity, uniqueness, and sense of belongingness. Beaches are children’s favorite spot to go for vacation; some famous beaches in India are curated above to visit with your family. On the meters, there are many adventurous activities there which you can enjoy from scuba diving, paragliding, rafting or play with your friends and family on the coast with sand or games like football.

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