Cochin In India - The Food Paradise -

Cochin In India – The Food Paradise

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Cochin is best known for its culture and food, which leaves a long-lasting trace in India. It is the best and very unique in its food culture. Also, considered to be a famous tourist spot that attracts tourists from all over the world. You will be treated to exquisite flavors, which will blow your mind.

Cochin In India- The Food Paradise
Cochin In India – The Food Paradise

In this article, you will find a few delicious foods listed. If you are planning for a trip, then visit Cochin once to fall in love with all the mouth-watering delicious food.

Delicious Foods – The Food Paradise

There are many delicious foods that are available in Cochin. Here are the few listed popular foods.

Puttu Kadala

People who visit and live here are addicted to this recipe. It is the traditional food served as the morning breakfast. It is prepared with the ground rice and layered with the grated coconut. Then, it is steamed and served with the kadala curry. This kadala curry is made with black chickpeas.

Pazham Pori and Beef Curry

It is a popular and famous snack that is loved by everyone in the state. Moreover, it is made out of ripe nendran bananas. It goes very well with a cup of hot tea or coffee. The beef curry is primarily available in the street shop named Murugan café. 

Kappa Botti

The dish is local to Thrissur. It is the combination of mashed tapioca and goats gizzards. Most of the people who love to have non-vegetarian dishes, fall in love with this unique dish. Moreover, most of the restaurants have this food available and it is the most loved dish in Cochin.

Parotta And Beef Fry

It is a famous and very delicious food. Moreover, they say it is the toughest competition for all the other meals. Therefore, without any doubt, when you visit Cochin, you can taste this fantastic mouth-watering dish. It has a taste that one would never forget in their lifetime. 

Cochin In India- The Food Paradise
Cochin In India – The Food Paradise

Fish Molly

It is one of the classic delicacy dishes available in Cochin. Moreover, this dish has a fan following all around the world. It is always in high demand by tourists because of its mild flavor, when compared to all the other spicy fish dishes. Moreover, green chilies are cut into small pieces, and black peppers are powdered and sprinkled on the creamy curry along with coconut milk. The taste is divine, and it very well goes with appam. 

Kurukku Kalan

It is a local vegetarian dish in Cochin. The recipe is prepared from thick curd and the raw toasted banana. If the raw banana is not available, you can add yam. The curd is mixed with spices and curry leaves. Moreover, this curry can be taken with hot rice. 

Appam And Stew

Like the puttu and kadala curry, this dish is also very famous. It is not only famous in Kerala but also all over the country. It is cooked with coconut milk and grounded black pepper. Also, vegetables or chicken or mutton are added to the gravy to make it into a stew which gives the best and unforgettable taste. However, it is a must to give it a try with appam. Since this dish is the most popular, you will find it in all the eating joints.                 

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