Enjoying the Longest Beaches in the World

longest beach in the world

The shortest beach on earth is undeniably the Long Beach at Sanibel Island. At one time, this particular beach even earned the nickname “The Secret Beach.” The secret was because of the number of visitors that thronged its shores. Back in the 1920s, this particular beach received a lot of publicity because of a white fisherman who got lost deep in the ocean. Eventually, he was spotted and brought back to shore; after that, the white fishermen proclaimed him “The Lost Treasure.”

The White Sand Sea Beach

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The White Sand Sea Beach at Port Bank, Texas, is the third-longest beach on earth. It is just over two miles long. At the same time, it also ranks as the third-longest beach in the United States. The sandy white sand beach marks the eastern bank of Port Bank, Texas, a slender tiny island off the Gulf of Mexico. This is a favorite among Texas tourists, so it is often featured in national and state magazines as one of the most popular tourist attractions.

What Makes This Texas Beach So Unique?

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Is it only because it is so short? No, there is much more to this long beach than a mere hundred-and-one-mile stretch. This is one of the most beautiful places in Texas, second only to the gorgeous Gulf beaches. For those who enjoy hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, or simply lying on the beach, this is one of the best choices, hands down.

Sanibel Island

But if you want to beat your competition, consider Sanibel Island, which is located on the west coast. As you probably know, Sanibel is home to the Ringing Bells National Wildlife Refuge, and its beaches are among the most gorgeous and prime locations for wildlife-watching. For even more excitement, make sure you don’t pass through Oahu because it also offers some of the finest long beaches in Hawaii.

Palm Beach

Of course, the east coast has its share of unique attractions. For example, Palm Beach, located on the east coast, offers plenty of Southern California fun. But Palm Beach is also well known for its beautiful sandy beaches. The Pacific Ocean rushes in, and beautiful palm trees line the shoreline. Because it is the most southern beach destination, you will get incredible ocean views, making this a prevalent choice for visitors.

Add Oahu To Your List

And don’t forget to add Oahu to your list of Longest Beaches in the World! Hawaii’s largest island boasts more than just beautiful beaches. There is also an entire national park here and other natural attractions, including a vast coral reef. It’s also home to many famous landmarks, including the historical Diamond Head, shaped like a giant black mountain. If you want to explore more of the islands, make sure you check out the rain forests, where tropical fauna abounds. There are plenty of opportunities to go hiking or horseback riding in these forested areas.


Whether you want to be spoiled by a gorgeous ocean view or spend your days strolling along the beachfront, Miami has plenty to offer you. You might consider stretching your legs at one of the many public pools that dot the city. Or perhaps you would enjoy the beaches more near downtown Miami. These stretches between the northern and southern ends of South Beach are home to many luxury resorts and hotels. The spaces between the north and south ends of Coconut Grove and Brickell are the longest beaches in the world, and they offer endless entertainment and fun.

The Bottom Line

When looking for the longest beaches in the world, you need to consider the culture and communities along the coast. Miami Beach is made up of different ethnic groups and neighborhoods, so you will never get bored. There are festivals, shows, and great local food just waiting to be explored. If you want to do something a little different, consider having a day out on the water. Miami offers you plenty of things to do on the water, so when you come back, you will feel as if you never left.

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