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Goa – India’s Smallest And The Most Famous State

Goa India- India’s Smallest And The Most Famous State

Goa is India’s smallest state and is the best place to enjoy your holidays. Moreover, it is most famous for its uniqueness. In Goa, you can enjoy nature, adventure, food, shopping, water sports and lots more. Since there are lots of places to visit here, many people often repeatedly keep visiting again and again.

Goa India- India’s Smallest And The Most Famous State
Goa – India’s Smallest And The Most Famous State

Reasons For Goa Being Famous 


Goa is famous for its beaches and there are numerous beaches. Therefore, this why mainly people visit Goa. In the north Goa, you can visit beaches such as Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, and Vagator. Whereas in the south you can choose beaches such as Palolem, Agonda, and Utorda.


Goa celebrates its annual carnival every year in February. The people of Goa celebrate this festival with great pomp. All across the villages and cities, people wear traditional clothes or dresses which are fancy. They celebrate this occasion like a party with great food and alcohol.

Festive December

Until the year 1961, Portuguese ruled, you will find many churches in Goa. During the Christmas season, all the Christians celebrate the festival with full of energy. Dances are organized, streets are decorated, Christmas parties, carol singing and lots more are organized. If you love to visit the place during Christmas, then plan for it.

Goa India- India’s Smallest And The Most Famous State
Goa – India’s Smallest And The Most Famous State

Beach Shacks

All around the year, the beaches are lined with shacks. The beaches have different shapes and sizes, also trendy shacks like ‘Green Restaurant Thalassa’ in Vagator. Many of the shacks are open every day like cocktails and dreams on Palolem. Moreover, the restaurants will serve both traditional and continental food with alcohol.

Sausages And Cashew Nuts 

People don’t visit here to shop, but here you can find many unique items. Goa sausages are very famous and spicy chorizo is available all over the state. Cashew nuts are very famous and much cheaper. At last, the liquor feni is a country drink that is served with lime and sprite.

Seafood Restaurants

In Goa, you will find many beaches. You can get a massive number of fishes and plenty of seafood restaurants.

Shopping In Anjuna

Anjuna is considered as the best shopping destination in Goa. Moreover, shopping places are not only filled with clothes but also the home décor, Indian spices, and musical instruments.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The tiny state is filled with numerous wildlife sanctuaries. Bondla, Cotigao, and Netravali are the wildlife sanctuaries which you will enjoy. Indian wildlife ranging from bison, deer and the Malabar giant squirrel is found here. Many wildlife sanctuaries are conducting wildlife safaris, and they also offer night tours.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

It is India’s highest waterfalls, and it is at a height of 1017 feet. From a great distance, you can hear the beautiful sound of the waterfalls. Moreover, the waterfalls are found around 60 kilometers from Panjim. You can reach the falls by taxi, bus or train.

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