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Harper Trip India – Harpers Twist On An Unforgettable Vacation

harper trip india

Every year the Royal Shakespeare Society holds an event in India to bring together audiences from around the world and celebrate Shakespeare’s India. The journey of the Globe-empire is a classic example of social interaction and intrigue that have touched the hearts and minds of people of all ages for over two centuries. The presenters, poets and playwrights reflect on this epic age of British influence through their poems and essays. Visitors can expect to enjoy workshops, master classes, readings and one-to-one discussions with leading authors and specialists.

Rajasthan State Fair – Harper Trip India

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Although India is home to many famous attractions, the highlight of the trip for many visitors is the visit to Shakespeare’s London Theatre. Tickets to the three-day bazaar extravaganza, which precedes the show, are on sale online and are also available at some local outlets. This is the longest running production of its kind in the world. Each evening features a different production, with actors playing the part of various famed British figures.

Another highlight of the trip is the Rajasthan State Fair. The fair is a month-long festival during which cattle, horses, goats and donkeys are exhibited in the arena. There are special events and contests for male and female cattle owners, and the winners are awarded cowslips. The fair is held in two locations; the fairgrounds are located at Prabhupati Nagar in Jaipur and Jantar Mantar in Bikaner. Tourists will find plenty of shopping opportunities, as well as entertainment. Rodeo performances by dogs and other animals, snake charmers, and bull riding are popular shows.

The Jantar Mantar Fair Is Another Attraction

The Jantar Mantar fair is another attraction. It features local arts and crafts, traditional village fairs and food stalls. People from across India travel to the region to participate in the fair. During the fair, you will have an opportunity to purchase jewelry, embroidered garments and other items. Some of the vendors even sell delicious fruits and sweets.

While you are on this Harper Trip India itinerary, it would be a great idea to visit the city of Jaipur. The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is known for its magnificent forts and palaces. The best time to visit here is from May to October during the dry season. The fort at Mehrangarh Fort is a must-see spot, and the city of Jaipur is also home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the country. If you love to shop, then it would be an excellent idea to visit some of the numerous shopping malls found in Jaipur.

Do Not Miss The Chance To Visit The Amber Fort

One should not miss the chance to visit the Amber Fort, one of the seven wonders of the world. The fort was constructed during the rule of Maharaja Jai Singh and is now known as the Hermitage. You will be able to see the beautiful architecture as well as see a collection of Hindu temples set along with the fort walls.

Moving on, you should also not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Deccan Gymkhana in New Delhi. This gym has an open air museum where you can see various ancient equipment that were used by the wrestlers of the Indian tradition. Another must-see place is the Pratapgarh Fort, also known as the Golden Palace. It is located near the Golden Fort and is considered as one of the best palaces in India. The Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is situated on the site of the old Mughal capital of Delhi.

Last Words

As always, the India government is keen on preserving its ancient heritage. So when you plan your India trip, make sure that you get a guide that explains all about the places you want to visit. With such a plethora of information to take in, it would certainly be a difficult task to cover all the historical sites. So if you do not want to miss out on anything, it is advisable to plan your India trip during the winter months from October to March. You will not find it difficult to arrange any tours or travel packages during this period, since most tour operators and travel agents offer India tours at affordable prices.

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