Hotels to Enjoy a Luxurious Stay on India EISley Beach -

Hotels to Enjoy a Luxurious Stay on India EISley Beach

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If you are planning to enjoy the sun, sand and the great surfing in India then you can do so at the Eisley Beach. This beach is located at the famous village of Hatwala in India. The popularity of Eisley Beach is increasing with every passing year. The other reason for its popularity is that it is not just a beach but also a picnic spot, an educational center and a place to spend your leisure time.

An Overview

It was founded by an American called Harry Emerson Fosdick, who made a visit to India in the year nineteen forty. He had decided to explore this new country. He found that the people of that country were very friendly and helpful. The Fosdick family rented a cottage at Eisley Beach. The cottage had a small kitchen where Fosdick spent his days cooking and entertaining foreign guests.

Today the Fosdick’s cottage is a famous tourist spot. The beach is very long and has many interesting paths that you can follow. Apart from Eisley beach there are several other beaches that you can visit in India. The best part is that these beaches are not crowded. The Indian tourism has developed tremendously because of this.

In the year nineteen forty-one the Beach Club was formed in India. This club was meant for businessmen and other tourists. Every Monday afternoon a boat cruise is arranged from Eisley beach. You can join this cruise or just enjoy the beautiful setting of the beach.

Great Features 

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Another famous beach in India is Hemkunt. It is located on the approaches to the railway station in Kolkata. It is the most popular among the students of Kolkata University. Hemkunt is very clean and very well maintained. The beaches are very safe for swimming and there are three hotels in Hemkunt.

Goa is another beach in India. This beach is twenty kilometers long. The Portuguese built a fort here and it became the favorite of the drug runners. But today Goa is one of the most liked places for holidays. There are plenty of churches in Goa and they provide beautiful settings for weddings.

Idukki is one of the largest beaches in Kerala. It is famous for its natural beauty and for the strong winds. Water sports are also conducted on Idukki beach. This beach is surrounded by luxuriant jade green mountains. This beach is one of the prime attractions in Kerala and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country.

The third beach in India is Kovalam. It is located at a distance of fifteen kilometers from the town of Kovalam. This beach has wonderful sea views and provides a magnificent view of the southern part of the city. It is one of the most expensive places in the town. One can enjoy a good time at Kovalam and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. There are many hotels and resorts available here to provide accommodation to the tourists.

Travel Tour 

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The fourth beach in India, Goa, is popular for its palm fringed beaches. It is located near Benaulim Beach in Panjim. It has clean and clear water. The sand of this beach is made from slates. A number of palm trees make a green environment. One can enjoy a tranquil time at this beach.

The fifth beach, Agonda, is one of the most spectacular beaches in Goa. It is located at a distance of fifteen kilometers from the town of Agonda. This beach is situated on the Arabian Sea. The place has white sand. The view of the setting sun is simply awesome. This is one of the prime places for staying in Goa.

The six beaches in India are in the state of Kerala. These beaches are endowed with natural beauty and attract tourists from all around the world. They provide tourists a wonderful time to enjoy water sports, sun bath and the local entertainment. These beaches are the major attraction for tourists to India and provide them with memorable experiences.


These are some of the popular India EISley Beach hotels that provide excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists. They arrange everything to make your vacation special and unforgettable. For instance, in these hotels, you get room service that ensures that your requirements are met well. The restaurants that are present offer you delicious food. These hotels also offer various kinds of entertainment such as beach bars, aaap balsam and many more.

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