Indian Village - Living in The Rural Areas -

Indian Village – Living in The Rural Areas

Indian Village- Living in The Rural Escape

Exploring India can be a great experience. The land of distinct culture broadly divided into the urban and the rural life offers several options worth a visit. Admiring the simple joys of village life can be breathtaking. The rustic culture is more than what you can think of. If you haven’t already explored Indian Villages, here we are to help you. The article on the rustic Indian village culture will positively convince you for some outskirts exploring.

Be any city you live in or any urban jungle you visit, outskirts come to your solace. Purified air to breathe, greenery and small houses with friendly people are all, you witness.

Indian Villages – Opposing The Chaos

Indian Village- Living in The Rural Escape
Indian Village – Living in The Rural Areas

The urban lifestyle that most of us lead is a part of the modern rat race. But as said, life is a beautiful voyage to be admired, and it becomes crucial to take breaks. The chaos of the concrete jungle deprives us of the purest joys of life.

If you have already forgotten the simple joys of a healthy lifestyle, the Indian Village visit is a must. Away from access to smart technology and exceptional lifestyle amenities, village life is modest. Necessary preparations, fresh vegetables, and pond fish curries are what they thrive upon.

Village life teaches living life on more straightforward terms. Without technology at the peak, the basics allow living happily. Walking for two long kilometers or a bicycle ride is the only communication that you have to the main town.

Food Culture

Growing a variety of crops all across the varied soil of 28 states, farmers feed India. From freshly grown vegetables to farms that grow organic fruits tastes way better than what we get in the cities.

Fish farming is yet another thing. Large ponds and stretch of lakes fall under fish agriculture. The taste of earthen flavors without any chemical preservation will make you fall in love with simple dishes.

Meat from the locally grown animal produce is also free from any foreign influences. The taste of locally grown herbs and vegetables also reflects through the preparations. Traveling in the southern Indian villages, the taste of coconut oil, curry leaves, and mustard can be witnessed.

Scenic Beauty Of Indian Villages

Indian Village- Living in The Rural Escape
Indian Village – Living in The Rural Areas

Villages are synonymous with natural beauty. With a lavish green stretch of crops field, green ponds and blue sky are no coincidence. Thousands of tourists visit rural India to witness the freshness far from a chaotic life.

Kerala backwaters are a beaming example of the rural scenic beauty of India. Murshidabad and Purulia district of West Bengal is also the center of tourist attraction. Relax in the lap of nature, a week away from the busy rat race, villages reflect peace and stability of life.

Local musical instruments, handicrafts, the pottery also steps in to entertain you. Local shopping can let you look into the lives of villagers. The warm hospitality and welcoming behaviors are all you can expect. Step up and pack your bags for a small weekend gateway to enjoy life at best in the Indian village.

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