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Jaipur India Tourism – A City To Explore

jaipur india tourism

The Indian Pink city, Jaipur, is the perfect blend of ancient architecture with modern designs. Because of the prominent color pink of its buildings, the city is called the pink city. The emperor Maharaja Ram Singh colored the city pink since pink symbolizes hospitality. Needless to say, how good India and Indian people are in hospitality. When it comes to the tourist’s engrossment, we can mainly point out to the forts and palaces mainly. But to say further, there is much more than that.

Jaipur India Tourism: Places To Visit

An old stone building

Being the first planned city in India, Jaipur truly represents the wonderful and rich ancient Indian architecture. Following are some of the places that one must visit in Jaipur to drink the majestic beauty of the pink city.

Amber Palace

A close up of a tall building

The Amber Palace comes under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This palace is a

combination of both Hindu and Mughal designs. Only sandstones and marbles were used in this palace. From the sculpting work to the carvings in the rocks, from the contrast colors to the mirror designs, everything is too extravagant to take a look at. The Maota Lake in front of Amber Palace again adds a breathtaking charm to this exquisite piece of beauty.

City Palace

This palace was built by combining the architecture of the Mughals and the Rajputs. Inside this palace, the dresses of the emperors, costumes of the queens, Pashmina shawls, Banarasi silks are kept to let the visitors explore. Besides these, the paintings and the color combination of the paintings are enough to please you.

Jantar Mantar

For those who possess an interest in astronomy and astrophysics, Jantar Mantar will

be a great experience. For the others, too, it is a place of exploration to observe the orbits of earth around the sun. Jantar Mantar also comes under UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Hawa Mahal

Without Hawa Mahal, Jaipur India Tourism is incomplete. Words fall short of describing this spectacular beauty. This mahal got the name Hawa Mahal because of the windows present in every nook and corner of the place. This mahal is also built by considering both the Hindu and Islamic architecture. Every monument or palace in India solely signifies the Unity in Diversity concept. Besides these, there are also some places one can consider while thinking about Jaipur India tourism. Places like Albert Hall Museum or Central Museum, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Birla Temple, Jal Mahal, Central Park, Statue Circle, Ram Niwas Garden, Zoological Garden, Jaipur Wax Museum, Samode, Sambhar lake, everything is worth visiting in the pink city. The eye-catching view of the monuments and the green beauties in the park will definitely fascinate you.


In a country full of heritage sites and biodiversity resources like India, Jaipur India Tourism is surely a good-to-go option. There are so many travel agencies in Rajasthan offering travel services at a reasonable price. Also, the hotels or residential places in Jaipur are totally comfortable, and the restaurants are full of delicious Indian Cuisine. Jaipur city is going to satiate you both in terms of tourism

and cookeries.

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