Manali Tourism India - Enjoy Best Of Indian Tourism On A Trip To Kashmir -

Manali Tourism India – Enjoy Best Of Indian Tourism On A Trip To Kashmir

manali tourism india

The best time to plan Manali tourism in India is from October to March. That is when the peak season for the renowned trekking and biking routes of Manali, Kullu and other valleys, starts. The beautiful landscape and serene environment of Manali, apart from the fact that it is very affordable, is the reason that many tourists from all over the world come here during the peak season. Since the start of the year, there are special discounts on hotel bookings and sightseeing packages and you can make the most of them.

Manali Tourism Is Incomplete Without Visiting The Major Destinations Here

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Trekking to Manali is one of the most popular activities in this region of Rajasthan, and numerous tour operators offer guided tours. Manali tourism is incomplete without visiting the major destinations here. Most visitors travel to Manali through the Thar Desert by Jeep, and on reaching its closest point, they camp at the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. The trek then takes them to the Leh station, which is only 18 kilometers away. The beautiful Ganga near Leh offers some of the best picturesque sights of Manali.

If you wish to experience a completely different kind of tourism, then you should opt for a trekking trip to the Shimla Range. This is another well-known tourist destination, famous for its stunning scenery and exotic flora and fauna. The Shimla range, in particular, is noted for its evergreen vegetation, which is devoid of any human construction for a long stretch. The flora and fauna of the region are so perfect that the tourists hardly find a single tree or bush even after they have covered a considerable distance in the pursuit of their activity. The national parks and sanctuaries of Shimla are worth exploring during your India tours to Rajasthan.

Foothills Of The Great Himalayas

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You will find some less explored destinations in the foothills of the great Himalayas. Dhaulagiri and Bhotelum Glacier can be visited in Chameli, which are believed to be the coldest areas of the world. A walk up to the passes and valleys of Mount Everest will also take you close to the natural beauty of the Himalayan regions. However, this part of the region is not as developed as other destinations in Rajasthan, and hence not many hotels and resorts offer luxurious accommodation.

Apart from the great Himalayas, India has many other hill stations and landscapes, which are equally popular among adventure enthusiasts. There are many travel operators offering package tours to Manali, as it offers natural beauty, breathtaking panoramas and serene ambiance. All the hiking trails and peaks are well-known for their challenging trekking routes and challenging terrains. However, most tourists prefer to go trekking during the winter season (from October to March). Most popular trekking trails and peaks of Manali are Markha valley trek, Kinnaur Kailash mountain, Spiti Valley trek, Valley of Flowers trek, Goecha La trek, Darjeeling Sikkim trek and Milam Glacier trek.

Jammu & Kashmir Are Another Paradise In The Country

Apart from adventure tourism, Indian tourism options include various art forms, historical monuments, shopping opportunities and delicious cuisine. The city of Jaipur (also popularly known as the Pink City) is an excellent tourist destination in northern India. It has been named one of the “Ten Paradises of the World” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. It is a shopping heaven, owing to the numerous antique markets, stone temples, forts and palaces, which are spread around the city.

Jammu & Kashmir are another paradise in the country that attracts thousands of visitors annually to its charming hill stations and natural beauty. Kashmir is a mountainous state, surrounded by vast, beautiful Himalayan valleys. Mehrangarh Fort, Valley of Flowers, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg Dalhousie, Leh, Kullu Shimla, Gulmarg and Kufri are some of the prominent hill stations and tourist destinations in Kashmir. Dharamshala, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Shopian, Sonmarg, Dalhousie, Kargil, Nagarhole, Spiti Valley, Sonmarg KP, Kufri, Spiti Valley, etc are major attractions of Kashmir tourism. Staying in Kashmir, you can enjoy the best of Kashmir tourism.

Summing Up

Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim are also among top destinations in India for tourism. A trip to Himachal Pradesh provides you a perfect chance to see spectacular scenery of snow-covered hills, lovely lakes, picturesque mountain peaks and verdant valleys. Apart from the scenic beauty, Himachal Pradesh is also famous for the variety of tourism choices. Ranging from adventure tourism to beach tourism, hill-stations to desert tourism, Kashmir is a perfect holidaying destination in India. The climate of Kashmir is submissive, making it a perfect choice for winter vacations. The natural beauty and tourism attractions of Kashmir have made it a hot favorite among tourists from all over the world.

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