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Obama India Trip Experiences – Go Back In Time On Your India Trip

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The Obama administration has been sending people to India ever since it was elected to office. It’s no wonder that many people from the US are planning to travel on vacations to this Asian nation. The Indian people are very welcoming and open minded. When people from the US come here they feel at home. You can experience the Indian culture and cuisine while here and enjoy all that India has to offer.

The Red Fort Is A Sight To See And An Attraction

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There are a lot of options when planning a trip to India. You could choose to travel by air or by sea, either way you’ll be able to see some sights up close and personal to you. A lot of people also elect to partake in the different cultural programs that are offered. There is no one that doesn’t like to dance to live music or watch a performance by one of the local artists.

There are a plethora of places that Americans can travel to in India. Some people choose to travel through Delhi, the capital city of India and see the wonderful monuments that stand tall in the center of the city. The Red Fort is a sight to see and an attraction that is often visited by tourists from the US. A Delhi cheap flight is something that is very popular with people from the US. This will help to keep your travel costs down and enable you to have a memorable experience when here in India.

Popular With American Tourists Is The Wonderful State Of Goa

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Another stop that is popular with American tourists is the wonderful state of Goa. This is a small state on the west coast of India and a favorite among travelers from the US. There are plenty of beaches to visit in Goa and all are fun activities that you will never tire of. A wonderful Goa tour is sure to leave you excited and wanting to return to explore more of the gorgeous country.

Mumbai is another great place for American tourists who are going on a vacation to India. If you are a fashion conscious person, you will not want to miss a visit to one of the most famous fashion districts in the country, Mumbai. The city has been called the fashion capital of the world and this is not an exaggeration. You can spend hours just looking at all of the amazing fashion boutiques in the city and talking with various people who are involved in the business. It is an interesting thing to do and it is definitely something that you will never regret having done while on an India trip.

There Is No Better Place To Shop Than The Country Itself

For those American travelers who like shopping and are planning to take a trip to India, there is no better place to shop than the country itself. This is the largest city in the country and millions of people come to shop every day. You will not only have a wonderful time shopping in the many markets in the city, but there are also plenty of other things to do as well. One of the most popular things that you will want to do while here is to enjoy some amazing culture. There are museums all over the city that have wonderful art pieces and even some very famous paintings of famous artists.

Another great thing to do while here is to visit the Indian Film Institute. You might think that this sounds like a boring activity to do, but it is anything but boring because you will be able to watch some of the finest Indian films ever made. This is a great way to learn more about India and to experience the art first hand. Even if you do not enjoy the cinema, this is an incredible place to visit because there are also lots of temples here that have beautiful carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses. These carvings are done by local artisans and are quite impressive to look at. If you do not care about artwork, you might even want to explore this part of town to see the other sights that the Indian people have been adorning for centuries.

Final Words

One of the most popular activities that you will want to do while here are cultural experiences. When you go to this part of the city, you will be able to witness a glimpse of the rich history of India. There are many things to see and do, but among the most popular things to do are visiting the many ancient temples. Your India trip expense will not be complete without this one!

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