Round Trip Ticket to India - The Best Way to Explore India - Round Trip Ticket to India - The Best Way to Explore India -

Round Trip Ticket to India – The Best Way to Explore India

round trip ticket to india

India is a country full of rich heritage, culture, traditions, foods, and a lot more exciting stuff. So, if you are proposing to visit India, buckle up yourself for the most adventurous and limitless experiences. On top of that, booking a round-trip ticket to India will be like icing on the cake for you. So, better act quickly.

Take a quick tour of the article and know more about the best time to visit India at the most economical rates.

But before we begin, let’s get familiar with the airlines that offer direct flights to India.

Airlines that fly direct to India:



Air India

AirAsia India


Alliance Air

The above-mentioned airlines are among the most used airlines for traveling. So, when you’ve made up your mind to visit India, then book a round-trip ticket as early as you can and enjoy yourself.

Now, have a look at the summary of the cheapest cost of the round-trips tickets to India from different countries.

Round trips tickets from:

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From the USA to India:

The most affordable ticket to India from the United States is $275 one-way, whereas $537 for a round-trip. The popular route to fly from the USA to India is Newark to New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International airport.

From United Kingdon (London) to India

The available flights from London to India are:

British Airways

Air India


You can easily book direct flights from London to India starting from just £333pp. Moreover, there are dozens of deals available for you offering great discounts.

Take a look and know the most appropriate and best time to visit India.

Best months of the year to visit India

The weather here is exceptionally varied across different states. Furthermore, the festivals also play a significant part in deciding a trip to India.

Hence, the best time to visit India is between November and March. Yes, you got that right. During this time, the country has much to offer. And also, the festivals will be the center of attraction during this period.

Points to remember before you fly to India

Visa and Documentation

Before you decided to fly to India, refer to the online visa portal of India. Foreigners who wish to visit India should carry valid international documents.

The standard time to visit India

As per the Greenwich Meantime, the time zone of India is GMT+5:30. Note that India experiences a tropical climate with the monsoon in many areas. Hence, plan your visit as per the weather condition.

Summing Up

You’re surely gonna, love, visiting India. From deserts to mountains to beaches, India has so much to explore! It is a giant travel destination and brings something new to the table each time.

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