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Taj Mahal – Monument Of Love And Pride For Indians

Taj Mahal – Monument Of Love And Pride Of Indians

The historical monuments have an interesting story provided by archaeologists and historians. They study the archaeological and geographical aspects and record the details. Also, we can study them in various books and documents available in public libraries. Among them, the Taj Mahal occupies great importance and value in the present day to attract a large number of visitors.  

Value And Charm

It is a place with distinctive elegance. The artistic and architectural talent of artisans makes this monument possible to exist. The charm of the place attracts travelers from all over the world. An individual should visit this place at least once during their life. 

Taj Mahal – Monument Of Love And Pride Of Indians
Taj Mahal – Monument Of Love And Pride For Indians

Beauty And Construction Details

The Taj Mahal is a building constructed out of pure white marble. White marble has great value due to its amazing specifications. The structural specification of the building comprises of royal Islamic architecture. The layout of the Taj Mahal is also excellent. Tourists are in awe of the beauty of the monument.

Changing Colors At Different Times Of The Day

You can observe the color of the historical monument change. The color of the Taj Mahal varies according to the reflection of the sun rays. An observer can see the monument change to pink color during the early morning. The pure white marble looks silver on a full moon day. The beauty of the historical monument is exquisite and breathtaking. The shade of the building turns to milky white in the evenings.

Secret Of The Monument

 The Taj Mahal was constructed with the guidelines of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. He provided the architectural style and design of the beautiful mahal from his mind. The planning of the tomb and views from all varied angles makes the building attractive.

Creative Talent Of The Architects

Unusual and innovative ideas of the architects were included during the construction process. The four minarets at the corner of the Taj Mahal gives a three-dimensional view to the building. Moreover, T\the use of various types of precious stones makes the structure different from all other historical monuments.

Taj Mahal – Monument Of Love And Pride Of Indians
Taj Mahal – Monument Of Love And Pride Of Indians

Style And Photographic Effects

It is the symbol of love for Shah Jahan towards his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The building was constructed in the memory of Mumtaz mahal. The building has a different style of construction, and it is the best place to visit. You can take beautiful pictures of the beautiful monument. Moreover, an individual can catch a different view from different angles of the site.

Protection Measures

The government takes quick steps towards the maintenance of the memorial. It is not easy to take care of the massive monument. Moreover, the funds from the government help to supervise the activities nearby the area. Many measures to keep the beauty of the historical monument intact are being diligently followed. Various plans and its execution are always in check, and its regular inspection is quite useful. Finally, maintenance is part of the protection of the pride of India. 

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