Thar Desert: A Sandy Tourist Spot -

Thar Desert: A Sandy Tourist Spot

Thar desert: A Sandy Tourist Place

Have you heard about the Thar Desert? It is one of the most famous and largest deserts in India. Sometimes, people also call it the vast Indian desert. It covers three states – Rajasthan, northwestern Punjab, and Sind, which is on the eastern coast of Pakistan.

History Of Thar Desert

The desert is known to be one of the largest deserts in the world. Thar in local means “Thul,” in proper it is “Sand.” Moreover, it is 2,00,000 square kilometers wide and covers a large area. Thus, this place is the best for tourists who want to know more about desert and village life.

Thar Desert: A Sandy Tourist Place
Thar Desert: A Sandy Tourist Spot

Furthermore, the desert is home to numerous animals and plants. They are easily visible when a person goes for sightseeing in this place. People believe that the sand is about thousands of years old and divided between two countries India and Pakistan. About 15% of the desert is in Pakistan, and the other is in India. In India, it covers the states, namely, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, and also Haryana. Among them, Rajasthan has a vast population. 

Weather Conditions In Thar Desert

The best time to be in the desert is during October and November; the reason is the cold weather. Do not visit during summer as the temperatures reach unbearable levels for those who are not used to the heat. During winter, it is delightful and chilly, but it is much better to avoid going on the sand during the summer. 

Thar Desert: A Sandy Tourist Place
Thar Desert: A Sandy Tourist Spot

Places To Visit

Thar desert covers three cities in India, and there are many places you can visit. However, major cities are in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Thus, a person needs to know about these cities before traveling there.

  • People often call Jaisalmer as “The Golden city.” This place is full of sand, and it is also famous for its forts.
  • Jodhpur city is known for the Mehrangarh Fort, which is the center of attraction.
  • Bikaner is known as the home of forts, palaces, old temples, and typical Rajasthani cuisine.

 Exciting Activities In The Desert

Taking a trip to the Thar Desert will not mean that there is nothing to do. There are loads of things that you all can do to make the journey more enjoyable. Therefore, here are the things which you can do;

  • Camping: Register yourself to stay in a tent and have a sleep overnight on the sands. This camp will have typical food, cultural music, and dance to perform around the campfires at night.
  • Desert Safari: One of the best things to do is to ride a camel caravan in the sand during sunset.

Thus, these places offers many useful attractions that might contribute towards your vacation.

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