Top Road Trip In India That Will Make You Take A Detoxification Break From Regularity -

Top Road Trip In India That Will Make You Take A Detoxification Break From Regularity

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Taking down a quick break riding alongside a serene ambiance genuinely helps you slack back and take a chill pill time from the regular chores. Yes, we all need an interruption that helps us get back to the work mode once again. However, planning a train trip or a plane journey is not at all easy. You have to plan from a month or so. In some cases, it requires years. However, taking down road trips is a straightforward way to quickly get a relaxation time. Just grab all your immediate stuff and ride down to a composed outing. So, have you looked through any destinations yet? Well, if not, here are the top choices to grab a quick look at, before you sit for planning anything. 

Beginning The Countdown With Mumbai To Pune Express

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You get to cover a total distance of 94 km. Pack your belonging and head to Lonavla and ride beside the beautiful lush green light. Make sure that you taste the renowned chikki there. It takes around 2-3 hours in total. Take breaks in Sunny da Dhaba and Kinara village.

The Next Is The Manali To Leh Highway  

The total distance taken to enjoy is 478kms which offers a breathtaking white ambiance that would make your overall trip wonderful. Both bike rides and car rides would be great. It usually takes around 2 days. You can take down a road trip during the summers and in the middle of October. Since it takes 2 days to reach the destination, you will have to decide upon the location where you will grab a quick break. 

Third Is Vishakapatnam To Araku Valley

It is one of the renowned roads to behold and adore lifelong. The elegant blend of West Bengal and the eastern ghats of Vishakhapatnam delivers the riders a wonderful time altogether. Time taken to cover the overall distance is 116 km and is covered only in 3 hours. You can make a stop and enjoy the Borra caves and Tatiputi reservoir. Grab your things and go for the ride around October to March. 

The Fourth Is Shimla To Manali 

Take the road of Mandi and make this breathtaking trip to Manali from Shimla. The overall distance covered is 250kms. The complete time taken to finish the journey is 5-6 hours. Well, don’t worry since the stretch is all hilly path, therefore it takes a little bit of time.

The Last In The List Is Chennai To Pondicheery

You are going to cover about 151 km in 3 hours. Without keeping any stress in mind ride with peace, and enjoy the colorful road all the way you reach your destination. Ride over the East Coast road going down to the Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, and more to enjoy.

While Wrapping Up

Well, these are the top five road trip in India destinations that fits your plan for the weekend brilliantly. Talk to your friend and arrange the meet and greet while riding down the given paths. Wish you enjoy quality time all along your road trips

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